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Sex is everywhere. We are drenched in it….sex sells, after all. Yet to have real conversations about it is still taboo in many circles. It’s something mired in all kinds of restraints (and not the good kind) be it religious, societal, patriarchal, or fear. Fear about losing control, Fear of what our bodies do or look like or, as some psychologists might call it, a deeply rooted fear of our mortality.

Seductive Room Renos

Whatever the case, it’s time for freedom. Freedom of sexual expression. Freedom to ignite passion and have a dedicated intimate space to connect, explore and embody the power of your sexuality. Doesn’t that sound divine? 

We can help. We build sex rooms. With sensual designs we create a safe space in your home to allow you to explore the spicy, the sensual, the naughty, the nice, the pleasure and the pain of your deepest desires.


How To Get Started 


The process starts with an initial paid consultation to understand and identify the unique vision for your space and how it will reflect your passions, the sensations you want to feel and the types of experiences you crave. 


The end result is more than just a sex room. It’s a room where your imagination will never be restricted, your erotic experiences will be next level and allow you to create a deeper connection to your partner.


About Us


There’s an art to setting the scene for pleasure. From the caress of candlelight to the kiss of kink, Seductive Room Reno's is female-led and sex-positive, creating innovative design solutions executed with high-level craftsmanship to deliver the most sensual, sexy rooms you can imagine. And, of course, it almost goes without saying that high level discretion is at the core of our collaborations.


Are you ready to start having the hottest sex on the block?


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